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Shri Lakshchandi Mahayagya

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India has been the land of spiritual and holy rituals like yagyas since Vedic times. Yagya is considered to be the building block of the divine development of human culture and civilization. Our sacred scriptures elucidate the significance of this ancient practice of performing yagyas. They say that whenever there is dearth of spiritual energy in the cosmos that results in several natural and physical ailments, the positive energy can be restored by devotedly performing Shri Durga Saptashati Yagya .  There are various examples in our scriptures that prove that whenever world has been enveloped with demoniac power and barbarous activities, the sages and saints have indulged in this powerful practice of performing divine yagyas to create a positive ambience and have thus restored happiness, peace and prosperity back in the nature.
Because of their direct impact on the physical, mental and spiritual development of human life, the principles and practices of these fundamental components of the ancient Indian culture have relevance in the modern times too. In the present scenario, world is engulfed with atrocious activities like terrorism, corruption, violence and injustice. We can see natural hazards everywhere. Some parts of the world are getting affected by excess water resulting in floods, while some are being affected with drought. Due to the lack of water and rains, there is an imbalance of water content in the world. The hazards of pollution are visible on mankind and on nature. We are not unaware of the harmful effects of global warming that are affecting various parts of the world.  
The scientists and environmentalists are endeavoring to research and work upon this present scenario of natural infirmity, but not to major success.
There are three types of crisis that living beings of the world suffer with – Physical, Social and Natural. Physical ailments are treated by medicines and scientific resources. Social crisis is best dealt with mutual understanding, goodwill and feelings of brotherhood and harmony for fellow human beings. But there has been no other cure other than spiritual activities like holy yagyas for natural ailments (like floods, drought, landslides, volcanic eruptions, etc.) that are bestowed upon us by nature itself. Yagyas are source of powerful spiritual energy that restores the imbalance in the cosmos.
The objectives of performing Shri Lakshchandi Mahayagya are:
  • To eliminate the roots of terrorism
  • To develop a powerful nation ‘India’
  • To establish Economic Stability
  • To foster self-employment
  • To propagate goodwill & harmony
  • To protect the holy cow clan
  • To save India and the world from nature’s fury
  • To help the volunteers in yagya on a personal level
  • Environmental Purification
  • Security of natural assets
  • Fortification of India and the World from the natural hazards

Scientific Aspects and Importance of Yagya

There is an integrated science in yagyas. Importance of yagyas lies in the subtle importance of substances which are offered in the sacrificial fire. Yagya is the best aid for alleviating pollution and the rampant diseases due to same. Yagyas have a direct connection with rains also.
There are two basic energy systems in the physical world: heat and sound. In performing yagyas, these two energies, namely the heat from Yagya’s fire and the sound of the mantras are combined to achieve the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.
The fumigation of specific substances in the yagyas – fire is a scientific method of conversion of matter into energy and expanding its potential and positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere. The electromagnetic waves generated thereby help in transmitting, at cosmic level, the desired sonic signals ‘stored’ in the mantras, which are chanted during the process of sacrificing the special materials in the fire.

Annaad bhavanti bhutani , parjanyaad ansambhavah
Yagyaad bhavati parjanya yagya karma samudbhavah . – From Gita
There is a strong bond between yagya (sacrificial fire) and rain. Extremely powerful energies are created by the Yagya. This energy converts the top layer of the ocean into vapour and takes it to the atmosphere. This vapour, after becoming clouds, turns into rain for the safety of crops, grass, vegetation and wildlife, and also as moisture in the soil and drinking water for the good of the entire mankind. 

“Dhoom jyotih salil maruta sannipatohi meghah” – Kalidasa 
 For the safety of creation, when the ocean water is not able to convert into vapour, then the unequal water balance wrecks havoc and destruction in nature through tornadoes etc.

“Viprana bhojnayehomme prokshniyairharnisham” – Durga Saptashati.
‘Homme’:- this plural word indicates towards Navchandi, Shatchandi, Sahasrachandi, Ayutchandi, Lakshachandi, Kotichandi and other major sacrificial fires (mahayagyas). A single chant of devotional Chandika is enough for the good of mankind, and then 

What is the need of one lakh Chandi chants? 

Presently, on world map, India has achieved heights of economic development but at the same time it is engulfed with corruption and injustice. Unfortunately blind race for MONEY, both in Govt. & Private Sector, has eliminated values of humanity and justice from the society. Even though the anti-corruption agencies and social organizations of the country are continuously endeavoring for control against corruption, they are failing to restrain the same. As a result of which the wealthy, who have  been indulged in corruption, are continuously piling up their black money at the cost of the poor, whose condition is becoming miserable day-by-day. In such adverse situations prevailing all over the country, until the yagya is not done with one Lakh Chandi chants for the end of this worldwide exploitation of universal nature, the good of the present distressed world is not possible. There is a saying- that the medicine has to be as powerful as the illness. Hence, Lakshchandi is the solution for the effective organization of this era.