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It is due to the dedicated efforts of some sacred souls and eminent scholars that the glory of the ancient knowledge and culture of India has not lost its glow despite traversing through the dark period of misinterpretations, aberrations and malignment during the medieval era. 
In the adverse situations of the present times, wherein corruption is prevailing all over the country, there is a RAY of sunshine and it is none else but TAPASWI, GREAT & Most Respectable Saint SWAMI SRI PRAKHAR JI MAHARAJ whose only ambition is to see abundant INDIA like a Rose which stands with all her glory in the garden. In past he has always been successful in mitigating the black clouds on our nation either due to national/international or economic setbacks, by creating spiritual energy from performing YAGYAS and positive results were obtained in fixed time. For instance, he had predicted in the month of January 2000 that India will achieve a remarkable position on the fronts of Economic Development as well as Atomic Energy by 2010 amongst the developed countries of the world. This goal was achieved by the generation of Powerful Spiritual Energy from Shree Lakshchandi Mahayagya performed at four places – Kanpur, Delhi, Bikaner and Dehradun. The 3rd one was attended by Hon’ble President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil along with her husband in February’07. The favorable results are before us since then. Today, on both the above fronts we are an extremely powerful nation.


  • To create awareness on importance of education and medical treatment.
  • To make poor more self-reliant by providing free education through various institutions.
  • To foster co-operation amongst all sects of society.
  • To establish peace and harmony among mankind.
He has endeavored to achieve this vision through various social activities, in the name of Shri Prakhar Paropkar Mission Trust. 
For further details, please visit http://www.worldwelfare.co.in


Several yajnas have been solemnized by Saint Shri Prakharji Maharaj in the past in different parts of the country to aid economic, social and personal development. With a noble aim in mind and with a profound knowledge of the importance of performing yajnas, he has dedicated himself for the betterment of his people, society & the country.

Here are some illustrations:

1. Mandi Dabwali, Haryana, India | December 1995
Aim - To restore peace in the Dabwali region that was affected with evil spirits
DAV school’s annual function turned into a major tragedy when a fire broke out in the venue. 540 children along with parents got burnt and died. This was the worst fire tragedy ever in this part of the country. Following this disastrous incident, every day this mandi was affected with 10-20 deaths due to inferno rage. This continued for 3 months. The residents were scared to death and businesses got disrupted. This mandi was one of the biggest export houses of wheat, which got affected. It was believed and perpetuated that people who died became spirits causing injuries and mishappenings. Many remedies were implemented with no positive result.
It was then some prominent individuals of the region approached Swami Shri Prakharji Maharaj who on a serious thought on the grave disaster, performed “Atirudr Mahayagya” with “Agni Vaikratik Shanti” and “Aghor Ved Mantra” by 175 brahmins for 7 days.

 - It was a miracle that peace was so magically restored in the region immediately after completion of yagya. It was said that spirits got released and everything became fine after the yagya.
2. Kanpur, UP,India| Jan 1996

Aim- to bring back the flow of river Ganga on the banks of the city.
About 40 years ago, river Ganga in Kanpur had changed its direction and had started flowing towards Unnao. As a result, the employment of pandits on the banks of the river was affected. Also, the religious populace of Kanpur was unable to take holy dip in the river. A lot of effort was put in by the govt. and other influential people in this regard, but not to much success. 
In this duration, a group of prominent wise men of Kanpur approached Swami Shri Prakharji Maharaj and he decided that a yagya will be carried out to bring Mother Ganges back on course. In Jan’ 1996, he started “Ayutchandi yagya” alongwith 500 brahmins.

Result- Lot of sceptism  was shown by the media initially but after successful completion of yagya in June’ 96, Lord Indra bestowed his blessings on Kanpur city in the form of heavy rains which brought back river Ganga on the banks of the city , swelling upto 8 kms of Land. Now it is also flowing (till date).

3. Rawatsar Mandi, Ganganagar District, Rajasthan, india | May 1997

Aim- To reclaim the moorland
Due to infernal range, endless hectares of land around the Mandi was covered by the deposits of calcium and salty water that emerged from under the ground resulting complete destruction of crops/cereals grown in the region. The agriculture business was disrupted. This disastrous situation continued for 10 years and the area was engulfed in acute heat. 
Then some people approached Swami Shri Prakharji Maharaj for help. With instigation from Maa Durga, Swamiji solemnized “Bhairav Yagya” & “Ganesh Mahayagya” along with 2500 brahmins.

Result - It was a miracle to observe that just after 3 months of completion of yagya, the moorland was reclaimed. Fertility was restored with businesses back to normal & prosperous state.

4. India- Pakistan War Probability | October 2000

Aim- Peace between two nations
During most of July-Aug 2000, the strategic scenarios in South Asia remain dominated by the India -Pakistan war probability in the context of Kashmir. For 8 months, Indian & Pakistan armies stayed at the border and were prepared for war alongwith a hope for an open dialogue amidst the groups. However, most groups believed that these talks would not restore peace in the state about the long-standing Kashmir problem.
Swami Shri Prakharji Maharaj did not desire war at that point of time which if happened, he believed would take the nation 50 years back to the same state of chaos, imbalance & to an era of wars. He decided to solemnize three “Ayutchandi Mahayagyas” for the purpose.
With the noble goal in mind, the 1st yagya of the series was performed in Oct’ 2000 in Ludhiana. The 2nd was performed in 2001, Feb in Sonepat and the 3rd one in March 2001 in Haridwar with 10,000 chandi recitals.

Result- It was incredible that 9 days after the completion of the yagya, ceasefire was declared by the then Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vapayee and the chances of any war ended.

5. Punjab, India | 2001

Aim – To facilitate banishing of an evil practice called female infanticide from the society
Swami Shri Prakharji Maharaj was in Punjab to perform ‘Ayutchandi Mahyagya’ for economic stability of India. During that time, he observed that female infanticide was very prevalent in the area and due to hesitation/ communication problem, it could not be eliminated.
Realizing the gravity of the situation and knowing that foeticide being a heinous crime, he took an oath to banish it and roped in bureaucrats & politicians in the cause.
He inspired IAS B.S Sudan, the then DC of the Fatehgarh dist to call a convention of around 175 IPS, IAS, IRS, PCS, officers. There was a useful discourse with them to take action against the malpractice. They united to fight for the cause and called another social convention in December 2001comprising Shri Prakash Singh Badal (CM of Punjab) to address the Problem. This issue was subsequently raised in the Vidhan Sabha of Punjab in February and the issue was taken seriously enough to formulate a policy against the malpractice. An oath was taken by all Sikhs to banish the practice of foeticide altogether.
However, Swami Shr Prakharji Maharaj was not satisfied with the policy formulated in a specific part of the country only. He wanted reform on a national level. So he raised this issue along with Shri GM Lodha, the then chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India and Shri Kamal Tabri, IAS officer infront of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India in Lok Sabha.

 - The Prime Minister took the matter seriously and a reform was declared in the winter session of the Parliament in March 2001 against female foeticide.

6. India | 2007

Aim- To make India an economic & nuclear superpower and to protect it from the worldwide economic crisis.
The worldwide financial crisis in 2007 was triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the banking system and had resulted in the collapse of large financial institutions, the bail out of banks by national government and downturn in stock markets around the world. Sensex dropped from 23000 points to less than 7800 points. 
During this phase, Swami Sri Prakharji Maharaj was inspired by Sri RajRajeswari Durga Maa to solemnize three Laxmi Mahayagyas through encompassing 5 lakh ‘Kanaksdhara Sutra’ by Shrisukta written by Shri
Adyashankara Aacharya ji.. 
It was then in December 2008 that the first yagya of the series was performed in Moga, Punjab. Shri Swami Prakharji delivered time bound prediction that all 3 yagyas will be solemnized till March’09 and in April’2009 the Sensex will rise above 16000 points and the inflation would be in control, whereas public was engulfed with fear that index will drop below 2500 and India will get affected severely.
However, the 2nd yagya of the series was solemnized in Jan’ 2009 in Indore with the same process with the 3rd following suit in March’09 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Result- After 15th April’ 09, Sensex rose above 16000 as predicted rightly by the saint.
Today, we can see the entire world is in the grip of the economic crisis with no major effect affect on India as such.

7. Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, |Mar, 2011
: to cease the leakage of harmful radioactive rays from Nuclear Power Station in Japan
It was Friday 11 March 2011 when Japan had undergone a dreadful earthquake churning up a devastating tsunami that swept over cities. It also faced the worst nuclear emergency explosions and leaks of radioactive gas from three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. This deadly and critical situation had left thousands dead and even more imperiled. Numerous solutions were brought into action to control the flow of radioactive rays but none were successful. Hearing the chaotic situation at Japan, the esteemed Swami Shri Prakhar Ji Maharaj studied that the Vedic method identifies that Indian Cow dung is the key solution to it. He believes that when the cow dung will be fired near the harmful radioactive rays, a chemical reaction would take place which would settle carbon at the bottom and oxygen released will combine with hydrogen resulting in creation of H2O, thus neutralizing the leakage of hazardous radioactive rays. We had emailed the same to The Prime Minister of Japan on 16.3.2011 but there was no response on their Behalf.
After this, Swami ji, who believes in Global Welfare and the principle of Vasudev Kutumkambh performed a “Brahamaastra Mahayagya” from 20th March, 2011 to 29th March, 2011 to build a healthy atmosphere and makes their lives blissful. The holy “Pitammbara Tantra” states that Brahamaastra yagya is highly powerful to extinguish the fire that cannot be pacified in any manner.
The same was again emailed to The Prime minister to Japan to bring to their kind notice about the noble deeds of Swami Shri Prakahr ji Maharaj and the positive energy generated from this Mahayagya will subdue the harmful effect of radioactive rays in four- five days.

The results were commendable. On 23rd March, 2011 the leakage of radioactive rays was brought an end at night and soon the production of electricity commenced.