In the year 1995, few wise gentlemen of Kanpur approached Mahamandelshawar Param Pujya Swami Shri Prakhar Ji Maharaj to share their worries and look forward to an enduring solution to their intense problem. Their question of concern was Ganga, the holy river which had lost its flow from the banks of Kanpur and was getting diverted gradually towards the Unaao banks from the past 40 years and incidentally was tremendously affecting the livelihood of the people of Kanpur Diverse efforts have been made by devoted residents but no concrete outcome was exhibited. Wondering over this issue Swami ji was enlightened by his own research and observation of some predominant events in the Indian mythology. He received enormous inspiration from the great King Bhagirath Ji, who was successful in bringing the holy river Ganga by sincere meditation (Tapyasa) despite the hardwork by 60,000 sons of Sagar This led him to believe that whenever there is a dearth of spiritual energy in the cosmos that results in several natural and physical ailments, the anticipated objective can be restored by devotedly performing tap/meditation/yagyas. 

By means of this inspiration, Swami ji declared to organize Ayut chandi Mahyagaya on the banks of Holy River Ganges in Kanpur (U.P.), India Where 10000 Durga Saptashati Paath was enchanted and aahuti was offered for one thousand paath by 500 sagacious Bramhins in the month of January, 1996 with great piousness and purity. To our amazement, The Holy River Ganges had hovered towards its coast in the month of June 1996.

Shortly after the fruitful implementation of this Mahayagya, the residents of Kanpur requested Swami ji to organize a magnificent and magnanimous event. Pondering over his success and keeping in mind the aspiration of their disciples, Swami ji thought that when Ganga which had lost its path for past 40 years can be brought back on its bank, why can’t the economy prosper through the Mahayagya?

The desired outcome from this Mahayagya motivated Swami ji to perform a grand LakshChandi Mahayagya Series to achieve a remarkable position on the fronts of Economic Development as well as Atomic Energy by 2010 amongst the developed countries of the world. This goal was achieved by the generation of Powerful Spiritual Energy from SHRI LAKSHCHANDI MAHAYAGYA performed at four varied cities Of India – Kanpur (2000), Delhi (2003), Bikaner (Rajasthan, 2007) and Dehradun (2008). The 3rd one was attended by Hon’ble President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil along with her husband in February’07. The favorable results are before us since then. Today, on both the above fronts we are an extremely powerful nation.

With the huge success of this series of mahayagya and accomplishment of the objective, Swami Shri Prakhar ji Maharaj was further inspired to bring a radical change in the mind-set of people which would pull away the roots of corruption that are widely apparent in our nation. Beholding over the present scenario, Swami ji realized that India has achieved heights of economic development. We are flourishing and prospering in most of the major sectors but unfortunately this growth is limited to materialistic aspects. The spiritual glory of the golden India is overshadowed with the darkness of evil and corrupt practices by the most powerful people of the country. Unfortunately blind race for money and fame, both in Govt. & Private Sector, has eliminated values of humanity and justice from the society. Even though the anti-corruption agencies and social organizations of the country are continuously endeavoring for control against corruption, they are failing to restrain the same. As a result of which the wealthy, who have indulged in corruption, are continuously piling up their black money at the cost of the poor, whose condition is becoming miserable day-by-day.

Here Swami ji comprehended that when knowledge gets adulterated through unethical practices, weakness of will and lack of moral force, the understanding of Dharma also falls. So we must have a whip to goad us to the path of Dharma, spirituality and God-consciousness. Thus only solution to make the country free from corruption is to connect every citizen with SPIRITUALITY.

But here the pertinent question arises HOW? What is that radical difference that sets him apart from others who are also working for the best interest of the country? The answer to this is that he is striving to bring a change in the very thought process of the people to enable them to learn from mistakes despite of repeating them. Why does a culprit commits crime even after the termination of his punishment tenure? Why are the investing agencies and the police force still unable to control the crime rate? Therefore a change in the mind-set of the people will create fundamental awareness of self & society, so that there is a sense of responsibility in every individual for higher interest of people. A change in the mindset of people is the key to the shining India because ultimately the positive energy generated within oneself would be reflected in the surrounding and ultimately this basic change within us will result in the real development of the nation - both materialistically and spiritually. Lord Sri Krishna speaks We are born not merely in a family but also in wider circumstances called the community, nation, world, universe, etc., to all which we owe obligations.

Harbouring this pure thought in mind and his earlier achievement in successfully mitigating the black clouds on our nation either due to national/international or economic setbacks, by creating spiritual energy from performing YAGYAS Swami ji was meditating over how to build corruption free nation?
With a deep and a sincere thought to this issue, the great Saint SHRI PRAKHAR JI MAHARAJ was instigated by BHAGWATI RAJRAJESHWARI MAA DURGA in June 2010, to perform four LakshChandi Mahayagya in four parts of the country to help India be corruption free by 2016 so that the face of new India emerges in the world. One of the four MAHAYAGYA of the series is to be performed at Varanasi.

With the consent and guidance of BHAGWATI RAJRAJESHWARI MAA DURGA Swami Shri Prakahar Ji Maharaj is intended to perform four Lakhshchandi Mahayagya in four different parts of India i.e. Kanpur, Indore Delhi and Varanasi in the respective years 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015.
But here what bothers most of us is why four? The concrete reason behind this is that as there has been a transition from the Satyug i.e. the Golden era to the Kalyug -the iron era, there has been a huge transformation in the lifestyle and thought process of the human beings. They have evolved from an era of divine values and culmination of human dignity into an era of moral decline and darkness of ignorance and evil influences. Hence as the saying goes that “medicine has to be as powerful as the illness”, a holy event performed once in the Satyug was adequate to produce effective and positive results, it needed to be performed twice in the Treta Yug, thrice in the Dwapar Yug and the grand religious event needs to be performed four times in the Kalyug to produce the desired positive results. Thus powerful Spiritual Energy which would be emitted from these MAHAYAGYA will help the souls of the persons who are involved in corrupt practices and make them refrain from doing sins or corrupt actions, leading to CORRUPTION FREE INDIA.

The first noble soul to challenge the nation to pull out the roots of corruption through the series of Lakashchandi Mahayagya and engender potent positive energy which would enrich the citizens of our nation to work for and with the society.
You are cordially invited to attend this auspicious occasion, likely to be a mini ‘KUMBH MELA’, with your family members & friends to have the blessings of GODDESS MAA DURGA by doing “PARIKRAMA OF YUGMANDAL”.